Mint Powder


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The strong, refreshing aroma of Mint and its cooling effect makes it the best rejuvenating ingredient of teas, salads, rice and what not. Forget your stress, relax and let yourself experience the soothing effect of the miraculous Mint. Vit A,C, and Iron in Mint aid in making your body and soul healthy, wealthy and energetic.

Ingredient:- Dehydrated Mint Leaves Powder
Usage:- Can Be Used as flavoring agent in Beverages and rice,Sauces,Salad,Meat marination,Chutney, making Mojit0Mint1, various refreshing drinks and Parathas.
Medicinal Properties:- Relieves Stomach Upset,
Cold & Cough, Diuretic properties, Pregnancy based issues like Morning Sickness and Acne,Dry Skin Control.