Lemongrass Powder


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Strengthening, Warming and Refreshing Lemongrass has a long-long ago Culinary and Beverages Asian history. It is an aromatic storehouse of essential oils, minerals and various vitamins. It combats, cures, detoxifies and refreshes the body and soul. A pinch of Lemongrass and the aroma will uplift your mood instantly. Make your raitas, lassis, salads and teas smell awesome!

Ingredient:-Lemongrass Leaves Powder
Usage:- Can Be Used To make raitas, awesome smelling tea’s, salads, lassi, ice creams, home freshener liquid.
Medicinal Properties:- Aids in contrlling Cholesterol, Stomach Upset, Flu, Nausea, Vomiting, Insomnia, Weight Loss and Skin Disorder.

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Weight 20.0 g