Instant Milkshake Powder (Anjeer-Ragi)


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Anjeer packed with Iron and Zinc aiding in body build up and Ragi with Calcium aiding in bone wear and tear, these are the perfect combination to make your body powerful and strong.
Best for little ones picnic and easy to digest for senior citizens.
Maan kiya bana liya!!

Ingredient:-Fig(Anjeer) Powder,Ragi powder,SMP and sugar
Usage:-Used in making delicious Milk-Shake, Laddu, Anjeer halwa, Kheer or can be eaten as a powdered mix.
Medicinal Properties: – Aids in digestion, relieving constipation issues, helps in weight gain, controlling hypertension, stress and relieves fatigue and drowsiness leaving us feeling fresh.

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Weight 100.0 g