Our Story

Burlyfield Biotech, a Food Processing unit anchored in 2009 with the prime focus of complete processing of fruits and vegetables from our very owned farm to the customer fork.

Innovative and scientific technologies have helped us to achieve our aim of producing dehydrated fruit and vegetable powders under our brand name- Funcho and Gio. Years of research has led us to invent novel products which are patented by the brand name Funcho.

While focussing on FarmtoFork philosophy, our prime motto is to offer our customers with convenient, timesaving and good value Instant food products along with Natural, Healthy, Tasty and Energetic Nutriments to cope up with this busy, stressful and exhausting lifestyle.

How are we different?

1. Produce 100% natural food products, no additives or flavor enhancers.
2. Complete Farm to fork processed food products.
3. Processing with minimal loss of vital nutrients.
4. Research and Development for more innovative and nutritious products.
5. In-house batch testing SOP.
6. In-house Microbiological testing laboratory.
7. Patented product range (Our Anjeer Powder is a complete innovation and patented product)
8. Safe to consume, easy to make.

Our Achievements & Vision