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Ragi Flour

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Product Description

Burlyfield’s Ragi Flour is the perfect source of calcium for your body. A roti made of Ragi is 3x times as rich in calcium as that made of wheat. Additionally, it also helps you lose weight and manage diabetes. Buy now and start eating healthy!


For over 2000 years of agricultural practices, Ragi has had a reputation of being a nutritious yield. Also called Nachni or Finger Millet, it is the perfect source of protein for vegetarians. It can be used to make roti, paratha, upma, halwa, laddoos, cakes, and cookies.

Benefits of Burlyfield Ingredients

Burlyfield maintains its promise of providing products that are ‘nurtured by nature.' Ragi Flour is 100% natural and has no added preservatives or flavors. With 90% of the nutrients being retained at the time of consumption, it is incredibly healthy for your well-being.

2021-05-25 17:45:14

Nice product

2021-05-26 16:20:22

Awesome product

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