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Sprout Paratha Ready Mix

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Product Description

Tired of eating sprouts for that extra amount of protein? Burlyfield's Sprout Paratha Ready mix is rich in proteins and consists of the goodness of wheat, soybean, chickpea, black-eyed beans, jowar, green gram, ragi, moth beans, and corn. What is best about this ready mix is that it consists of more sprouts and less wheat.

Cooking Instructions

Add water to the mix and knead well to form a soft dough similar to a regular paratha. Take a small portion and roll it. Transfer this to a preheated pan and cook on both sides by adding few oil or ghee drops.

Special Tip- Burlyfield's Sprout Paratha tastes best when eaten with coconut chutney or curd

Benefits of Burlyfield Ingredients

Burlyfield's Sprout Paratha Ready-mix has 90% nutrients locked in so that your body can absorb most of the natural nutrients. This 100% natural ready mix is rich in protein, helps in muscle building, and is easy to digest. Buy Burlyfield's Sprout Paratha Ready Mix to start your day with something healthy and filling.

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