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3 Millet Bhakri Flour

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Product Description

The old-fashioned millets are back so that you can switch to a healthier lifestyle. Millets are the oldest grain, and Burlyfield’s 3 Millet Bhakri Flour brings together the health benefits of three different millets - Ragi, Bajra, and Sorghum. [MD1] [L2] 


A bhakri made of Burlyfield’s 3 Millet Bhakri Flour is the perfect start to your healthy diet.  In addition to the three millets, the flour also consists of ingredients like Amaranth, Rice, Sprouts, Salt, Jeera, Ajwain, Coriander seeds & Methi Seeds. Buy now to experience the next level of healthy eating!

This can be added to benefits section. Here you can mention about how millets are one of the oldest grains and their importance is coming back. They are better substitute for regular wheat roti.


Benefits of Burlyfield Ingredients

Being 100% natural, Burlyfield’s 3 Millet Bhakri Flour is ideal for your body's well-being. Also, it is an excellent source of nutrients as it retains 90% of natural nutrients by the time it reaches you. The 3 Millet Bhakri flour will help you to manage your weight as it includes the richness of protein and calcium and has high levels of dietary fiber.

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