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Anjeer Milkshake

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Product Description

Whether you are old or young, Burlyfield's Anjeer Milkshake Ready Mix is all things good, both for your health and taste. Made with the goodness of figs, sprouted ragi, and milk powder, Burlyfield's Anjeer Milkshake ready mix aids in weight management as it keeps you full and satisfied and is super useful for the digestive system. It also helps to strengthen bones and prevents constipation and heart diseases.

How to make: Making Burlyfield's Anjeer Milkshake is super easy and won't take more than 2 mins of your busy life. Just take 2 Tbsp of Burlyfield's Anjeer mix and add a glass of cold-water/milk to it. Blend this mixture well, and Ta-Da, your healthy milkshake is ready.

Benefits of Burlyfield Ingredients

Burlyfield's Anjeer Milkshake Ready-mix has 90% natural nutrients locked in it and is a rich source of calcium, iron, and magnesium. It is 100% natural and retains the original nutrients of figs. If you want to retain the nutrients of this fruit but are bored with the usual ways of eating it, then Burlyfield's Anjeer Milkshake Ready Mix is perfect for you.

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