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About us

Our Story

In 2009, Mrs. Jyoti Dashrathi, was trying to find a solution for old age ailments of her father. Fig, a rich source of Zinc & Iron was suggested by a renowned Ayurvedacharya.

Procuring fresh figs had challenges of seasonality, uncertain quality and perishability while dried figs had issues of hygiene and chewability.

A Sanskrit scholar with a background in farming, she attempted growing different varieties of figs, powdering & storing them without preservatives. After almost 4 years (and many failed attempts) she ended up with the perfect fig powder and a patent in process !

Over years, her experiments with grain, fruit and vegetable powders led to the birth of Burlyfield kitchen solutions. Our “Nurtured by Nature” approach ensures that the natural goodness of ingredients are retained in our products.

Our Promise

1. 100% Natural

With our customers’ well-being in mind, we keep our offerings 100% Natural. BurlyField does not add any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

2. Healthy Ingredients

BurlyField aims to support your well-being by serving nutritious food and beverages. Thus, we use the healthiest ingredients to prepare our products. Each of them contains at least one Hero Ingredient that has amazing health benefits.

3. 90% Nutrition Lock

BurlyField ensures that nutrients are not lost in the value chain - from ingredient growth to production to your doorstep. As high as 90% of the nutrients are locked in by the time you consume the products.

Our Process

Special Dehydration Process
Production in Small Batches
Testing & Quality Control
Grown in Own Farms

Awards & Recognition

Awards for us are nothing but a positive motivation to work harder and emerge better!

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